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SW Décor & More- Embracing The Spirit Of Giving Back At NO COST To Struggling Families

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

SW Décor & More are embracing the spirit of giving back to the community, by undertaking projects to support families in need. They aim to support families by using some of the companies profit at the end of each year, to make a 'house a home' at NO COST to the families.

Types of families SW Décor would like to support:

  • Families living in homes that they have outgrown.

  • Helping struggling families with home renovations.

  • Creating an accessible living area for families with disabilities.

If you know a family that is in need, feel free to let get in contact. Each case will be assessed and SW Décor will support the cases where they feel they can offer most value.

If you wish to make a referral, follow the link here.

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