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Five Quick Tips - To Get Planning Permission

The success of your planning application will depend on the quality of your preparation, the accuracy of your designs and the development of your relationship with the relevant parties. We’ve supplied five key considerations for the planning process.

  • Create Quality Designs

Design is the most important aspect of the planning permission process. A Good design for your home will mediate between policy and ambition. Whether it is for a small extension or a brand new build, good design should always include appropriate scaling and a smart layout and should strive to protect and enhance the character of the surrounding environment. You are more likely to get your application approved if you have a good design. It is advisable to consult a skilled architecture firm that specialises in obtaining planning permission.

  • Research Planning Policies

To produce effective designs, it’s important to research the planning policies that directly affect your project. Local planning authorities (LPAs) may have multiple overlapping policies in their development plan. A skilled planning and architecture firm can do all the policy research for you and can determine which planning considerations will directly affect your proposal.

Here are a few common examples:

  • Loss of sunlight

  • Noise or disturbance

  • Capacity of physical infrastructure

  • Effect on listed buildings and conservation area

  • Layout and density of building design and finishing materials

  • Overlooking and Loss of privacy

  • Overshadowing and Loss of outlook

  • Smell or fumes

  • Highway issues including traffic generation, vehicular access, highway safety.

  • Build a Relationship With You Planning Officer

The process of liaising with planning officers requires some finesse. You should consider hiring an architect and planning consultant, as they will have experience working with planning authorities. A planning consultant can also monitor your application as its being processed and if a problem arises, they can liaise with the officer to help obtain a positive outcome.

  • Contact a Relevant Parties

A planning and architecture firm can also handle all technical issues that might arise during the planning application process. By contacting the appropriate organisations ahead of time, your architect can prevent technical issues from undermining your proposal.

  • Hire a Skilled Professional

A lot of people decide not to hire planning consultants because they believe not doing so will save them money. This couldn't be further from the truth, hiring a consultant can be a worthwhile investment that actually saves money, time and effort.

We are here to assist you with finding the right architect. Should you require our assistance, please get in touch.

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